Fairy StageAvia’s twelfth birthday promises to be a bleak one when she wakes up, yet again, without wings. Years have passed since every other fairy her age has been expertly flitting around the forest on beautiful wings while she looks up from below. Things change when she inherits her place in a secret group that ensures the security and safety of the other fairies. In spite of the career-bully Veek and his posse, Avia is beginning to thrive and find her place in the world.

Avia’s best friend Ro is the opposite of Veek in every way. He sees her strength and values her friendship and he never makes her feel like there is anything lacking. When she discovers that Ro is missing and Veek is the prime suspect, nothing will stand in her way on her quest to find and rescue him.

For the first time in her life, the way she does things is the best way. She finds herself in a dark mountain with all kinds of nefarious creatures and she’s able to defy detection because they have underestimated her unique abilities. The Aithris, which means ‘mimic’ in Gaelic, are the cunning enemies of the fairies. They can mimic almost everything about Avia’s family and friends except that their wings do not glow. Avia proves that one who cannot fly is the perfect secret weapon.

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