I finally started calling my stories books when I started sending them off to publishers. I have had the same three stories in files on my computer for years. Every once in a while, I would pull them out and work them a bit and then save them back into the dark hard drives from whence they came. Then one day I decided I wanted something more than a hard drive full of stories no one else had read. I started to get serious about editing them and I started to share them with friends and family. With their support, I finally began sending them out into the world to see what they could do.

Since then, I have added many more stories into the mix. Some, I have polished and honed into something beautiful. Some are saved as a moment in time when they represented something important to me and they stand there as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

I feel like I am on a great adventure. There are thrilling parts and scary parts and lots and lots of walking. I hope I can find the audience that enjoys reading my stories as much I enjoy writing them. My first audience is my daughters. We have walked a great while together and we “get” each other… well, most of the time. I am happy to write things down that we can all enjoy together. If someone out there wants to join in our adventure, so much the better!

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